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8. Peg out all the guy ropes.
Try to have guy ropes at a
angle to the ground.
5. Firstly peg our the 4 corners of
the centre of the tent( ). Then peg
out the remaining peg points( ).
Try to get the floor sitting as flat as
possible at each stage.
1. Clear your site making sure there are no
sharp objects where you are going to
pitch your tent. Try to get a site that is
as flat as possible.
2. Assemble the 4 pole sections.
Ensure that the poles are inserted
fully in tho the steel connectors.
3. Thread the RED poles through
the pole sleeves that run diagonally
across the centre of the tent. Tension
the poles inserting the pins located
directly underneath each pole
sleeve into the ends of the poles.
Attach the C Clips to the poles.
These are located below
each pole sleeve.
4. Thread the BLUE poles through
the pole sleeves on either side of the
centre dome. Insert the pins into the
pole ends. Attach the C Clips to the
7. Pull the fly over the tent
and connect the SR buckle sewn
onto the fins at either side. Attach
the hooks onto the loops sewn
around the pole sleeves.
6. Firmly peg out the ORANGE
anchor Webbing attached
to the large fin at the rear of the
tent. Also peg out lower vents at
this stage.

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