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This manual contains important information regarding
safety, the use and maintenance of your new hob. Read the
manual carefully and keep it in an easily accessible place for
future consultation.
Precautions and Advice
1. Disposal of packaging materials: dispose of the various
packing materials responsibly, in full compliance with
local authority regulations governing waste disposal.
2. This induction hob is designed solely for use as a
domestic appliance. No other type of use is permitted.
The manufacturer declines all responsibility for
inappropriate use.
3. The appliance is not intended for use by persons
(children included) with physical, sensory or mental
impairment or without experience and knowledge of
the appliance, unless supervised or previously
instructed in its use by those responsible for their
4. The cooking zones become extremely hot during use:
be careful and keep children away from the appliance
to avoid the risk of scalding or burns.
5. The letter “H” will appear on the control
panel display to indicate “residual heat” in the
corresponding cooking zone: the temperature
of the cooking zone is above 60 °C: do not
touch the cooking zone or
place any object on it while the letter “H” remains lit.
6. If the surface of the hob should become damaged
(cracked or broken glass), do not use the appliance
and call the After-sales Service immediately.
7. Any repairs or work on the appliance must be carried
out by a qualified technician.
8. This hob is equipped with a thermoprotector to
prevent the risk of its internal circuits being damaged
by high temperatures from external heat sources
(e.g. an undercounter oven). If the temperature of the
electronic circuits exceeds the safety threshold, the
thermoprotector activates, automatically switching off
the hob. The display shows an error message
(see. section “Troubleshooting Guide”). When the
temperature returns to within normal levels the hob is
able to be switched on again.
9. Make sure the cooking zones and the bottoms of pots
are dry before use.
10. Do not place metal objects such as kitchen utensils
(knives, forks, spoons, …), lids or other similar items
on the cooking zones as they can become very hot.
11. Be extremely vigilant when cooking food with boiling
oil or fat since these can catch fire. In the event of oil
catching fire, never attempt to put it out with water:
switch the hob off and cover the pot immediately with
a lid; leave the pot on the cooking zone to cool down.
Dispose of the oil in compliance with current
12. When you finish cooking, press button .
Before use
Important: The induction cooking zones
will not switch on if pots and pans are not of
the correct dimensions.
Only use pots bearing the symbol
Before switching the hob on, position the pot on the
desired cooking zone.
Existing pots and pans:
Use a magnet to check whether pots or pans are suitable
for use on the induction hob: pots are unsuitable if they
cannot be magnetically detected.
1. Ensure pots have a smooth bottom, otherwise they
may scratch the hob's glass ceramic surface. Check
2. Do not use empty pots on the hob, especially
enamelled or aluminium ones. This could result in
damage to both the glass ceramic surface and the
bottom of the pots.
3. Never place hot pots or pans on the hob's control
panel. This could result in damage.
Recommended diameters of pot bottoms
26 cm
17 cm 26 cm
21 cm
14 cm 21 cm
18 cm
14.5 cm
12 cm 18 cm
9 cm 14.5 cm

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Marka Whirlpool
Model ACM 702/NE
Produkt Piec
EAN 8003437817038, 8003437821936
Język Angielski
Grupa produktu Piece
Typ pliku PDF
Położenie urządzenia Wbudowany
Number of burners/cooking zones 4
Rodzaj płyty grzejnej Płyta indukcyjna strefowa
Kolor produktu Czarny
Wskaźnik ciepła
Typ kontroli Dotyk
Zabezpieczenie przed dziećmi
Rodzaj timera Cyfrowy
Moc 7400W
Napięcie wejściowe AC 230 - 240V
Waga i rozmiary
Waga produktu 15000g
Waga wraz z opakowaniem 16000g
Szerokość produktu 580mm
Długość urządzenia 510mm
Wysokość urządzenia 52mm