Instrukcja obsługi VXi CC Pro

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1. Place the headset on your head.
2. Position the speaker(s) directly on your ear(s). You can slide the headband in
or out of the side support for proper fit.
3. Position the microphone about one finger’s width away from your face at the
corner of your mouth. The last several inches of the microphone boom are
quite flexible, so you can bend it toward your mouth as needed for optimum
sound quality.
4. The headband is also very flexible and can be adjusted by gently flexing
outward to loosen or inward to tighten.
Note: The VXi CC Pro Headset features a quick disconnect. A lower cord or adapter is
required for connecting this headset to your device.
If you need additional technical assistance or product information,
please call VXi Technical Support, toll-free at (800) 742-8588.
VXi CC Pro
Headset Instructions
Simple to set up and use.
Adjust the flexible microphone
boom for proper positioning.
Gently flex headband outward
to loosen or inward to tighten.

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