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Topeak HighLite Combo Aero
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HP Beamer










LOW BATTERY INDICATOR : Burn times are based on use with a 1.5V Alkaline battery. Burn times may vary with use of dierent manufacturer's batteries. If light is ickering in Constant Mode, the battery has drained, replace with a new battery.On-Off, modeselection buttonon
Blinkingø25.4~26.0mm Bracketø31.8~33.0mm BracketAAA Battery 1.5V (2 pcs)
During long periods of non-use, remove batteries to prevent damage caused by leaking battery cells.Remove battery holder from light body and insert new battery. Make sure positive and negative ends of battery is installed correctly.AAA Battery 1.5VAAA Battery 1.5VPRESSBattery HolderLight BodyConstantBlinking
Power LevelMode30 hours60 hoursBurn Time9 20 40 60(hrs)Total Burn Time at Constant
hoursNote : Burn times are based on use with 1.5V Alkaline batteries.for ø25.4~26.0mm Handlebarfor ø31.8~33mm Handlebarfor ø31.8mm Handlebarø25.4~26.0mm ø31.8~33.0mmø31.8mm
Allen Key
Allen Key
Allen key
Press release button and slide backward to remove the light from the bracket.PRESS1. WhiteLite HP Beamer is water-resistant. This allows its use in rain, however, WhiteLite HP Beamer should never be purposely submerged in water.2. If the light body or parts become dirty or have been exposed to salt water, gently clean with soft towel using mild soap and water only. Lubricate and maintain the light body with silicon based grease on the O-rings. Never use harsh chemicals to clean the lighting system as damage to the housing and lens will occur3. Safely and properly dispose of the old batteries according to your local regulations.4. Never place this lighting system within a child's reach.5. For ultimate safety, the WhiteLite HP Beamer should be used in conjunction with a specic night riding light.6. In addition to its brightness, the beam is widely diused. In case you need to use this light on public roads, be sure to adjust the angle downward so as not to blind oncoming trac.Function: constant and blinking Bulb: 3 super bright LED’sBurn Time (approx): AAA Alkaline Battery 1.5V (2 pcs) (Standard equipped) Constant - 30 hours Blinking - 60 hoursLight output : 100 cd Weight: 29 grams (Light only)1-year Warranty: All mechanical components against manufacturer defects only. Batteries are not covered under any implied warranty. Warranty Claim RequirementsTo obtain warranty service, you must have your original sales receipt. Items returned without a sales receipt will assume that the warranty begins on the date of manufacture. All warranties will be void if the product is damaged due to user crash, abuse, system alteration, modication, or used in any way not intended as described in this manual.* The specications and design are subject to change without notice.Please contact your Topeak dealer with any questions.For USA customer service call : 1-800-250-3068
Copyright © Topeak, Inc. 2013 M-TMS061-GB 01/13
Topeak HighLite Combo Aero

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