Instrukcja obsługi Sony KV-HW212M95

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Sony KV-HW212M95 Group H4 (GB, RU)_2-177-672-12 (1)
Do not place any objects on the TV. The apparatus
shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and
that no objects filled with liquids, such as vases,
shall be placed on the apparatus.
• Dangerously high voltages are present inside the TV.
• TV operating voltage: 110 – 240 V AC.
Do not plug in the power cord until you have completed making all other
connections; otherwise a minimum leakage current might flow through the antenna
and other terminals to ground.
To avoid battery leakage and damage to the remote, remove the batteries from the
remote if you are not going to use it for several days. If any liquid leaks from the
batteries and touches your skin, immediately wash it away with water.
Do not open the cabinet and the rear cover of the
TV as high voltages and other hazards are present
inside the TV. Refer servicing and disposal of the
TV to qualified personnel.
Your TV is recommended for home use only.
Do not use the TV in any vehicle or where it may be
subject to excessive dust, heat, moisture or
Do not operate the TV if any liquid or solid object
falls into it. Have it checked immediately by
qualified personnel only.
Do not block the ventilation openings of the TV.
Do not install the TV in a confined space, such as a
bookcase or built-in cabinet.
For children’s safety, do not leave children alone
with the TV. Do not allow children to climb onto it.
Clean the TV with a dry and soft cloth.
Do not use benzine, thinner, or any other chemicals to
clean the TV. Do not attach anything (e.g., adhesive
tape, cellophane tape, glue) on the painted cabinet of
the TV. Do not scratch the picture tube.
For your own safety, do not touch any part of the
TV, the power cord and the antenna cable during
lightning storms.
01GB02WAR-Rus.p65 20/9/04, 3:22 PM2

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