Instrukcja obsługi Sony KV-29FQ85K

Sony KV-29FQ85K

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Safety Information
Do not open the cabinet and the rear cover
of the TV. Refer to qualified service
personnel only.
To prevent fire, keep inflammable
objects or naked lights (eg candles)
away from the TV.
Pull out the power lead by the plug.
Do not pull on the power lead itself.
Place the TV on a secure stable stand.
Never attempt to move the TV and stand
together -always move the TV and stand
separately. Do not place the TV on its
side or face up. Do not allow children to
climb on to it.
This set is to operate on a 220-240V AC
supply only. Take care not to connect
too many appliances to the same power
socket as this could result in fire or
electric shock.
To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not
expose the TV to rain or moisture.
For your own safety, do not touch any
part of the TV, power lead or aerial lead
during lightning storms.
Do not cover the ventilation openings of
the TV For ventilation, leave a space of
at least 10cm all around the set.
Do not cover the ventilation
openings of the TV with items such
as curtains or newspapers etc.
Never push objects of any kind into the
set as this could result in a fire or electric
shock. Never spill liquid of any kind on
the set. If any liquid or solid object does
fall into the cabinet, do not operate the
TV. Have it checked immediately by
qualified personnel.
Never place the TV in hot, humid or
excessively dusty places. Do not
install the TV where it may be
exposed to mechanical vibrations.
Clean the screen and cabinet with a soft,
lightly dampened cloth. Do not use any
type of abrasive pad, alkaline cleaner,
scouring powder or solvent, such as alcohol
or benzine, or antistatic spray. As a safety
precaution, unplug the TV before cleaning
Take care not to place heavy objects on
the power lead as this could result in
We recommend you wind any excess
lead around the holders provided on
the rear of the TV.
Unplug the power lead before moving
the TV. Avoid uneven surfaces, quick
steps or excessive force. If the set has
been dropped or damaged, have it
checked immediately by qualified
service personnel.
Safety Information
For environmental and safety reasons, it
is recommended that the TV set is not
left in standby mode when not in use.
Disconnect from the mains. However,
some TVs may have features which
require they are left in standby. The
instructions in this manual will inform
you if this applies.

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