Instrukcja obsługi RCA 46LA45RQ

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The stereo sound performance is bad.

It may be a weak station. Use the SOUND Menu and set Analog Sound as Mono.

A black box appears on the screen.

Closed captioning might be on. Check Closed Caption in the SETUP menu. Go to page 32 for more instructions.

Problems with the HDMI Connection.

Make sure the HDMI device (DVD, video gamer, etc.) is turned on and the cables are firmly connected. If problems still occur,
turn off your device and reconnect it. Reset the power by unplugging the power cord and plugging it again.
If a “No Signal” message appears on screen , the HDMI device isn’t responding. Contact the manufacturer of the HDMI device
for further assistance.
If you have black bars on each side of your picture (which means the TV can not display a full-screen image), the device you
connected might have a switch or a menu option allowing you to change the picture quality output that will fix this. Choose either
720p or 1080i.

Can’t select a certain channel.

The channel may be blocked or not approved in the PARENTAL Menu.
The channel may be skipped in channel list in CHANNEL Menu. Check the blocking and skipping status of channel.


The Remote control doesn’t work.

Something might be blocking between the remote control and the remote sensor on the front panel of the TV. Make sure
re is a clear path.
The remote may not be aimed directly at the TV.
The batteries in the remote may be weak, dead, or installed incorrectly. Put new batteries in the remote.

You are experiencing problems with V-Chip/Parental Controls.

If the rating limits don’t work, you must lock the settings. Go to the Main Menu (press MENU on your remote), select
PARENTAL to check the settings.

What else can I do?

If you’ve been through the Troubleshooting section and nothing has fixed your problem, try rebooting your TV. Note that after
a reboot, you may need to run your TV through the setup process again. To reboot, unplug the power cord from the wall
outlet or power strip. Keep your TV unplugged for about 5 minutes. Then plug in the TV and turn it on. See if the problem
is fixed. If the problem remains, then please visit the Customer Support Menu at or updated FAQs or contact
RCA Customer Support at the support number provided in your Warranty card.

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Specyfikacje RCA 46LA45RQ

Marka RCA
Model 46LA45RQ
Produkt Telewizor LCD
EAN 0818970010284, 0883393003458
Język Angielski
Typ pliku PDF

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