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Philips DesignLine
Smart Ultra-Slim LED TV
with Ambilight 3-sided XL
and Perfect Pixel HD
140 cm (55")
•3D Max
Clearly Different
Beyond Television-Innovative Art
The revolutionary floating glass design of the Philips DesignLine defies description. Or
does it? Words like eye-catching, innovative and superior performance come to mind. As
does breathtaking…
Our revolutionary design TV—beautiful on or off
Revolutionary floating glass design—inspire your interior
DesignLine Smart Mount—all you need to mount your TV
Cable sleeve streamlines TV cables into one clean bundle
The ultimate performance engine
Ambilight 3-sided XL intensifies your viewing experience
Perfect Pixel HD—our Award-winning picture quality engine
1400 Hz Perfect Motion Rate (PMR) for superb motion sharpness
A world of online content at your fingertips
Integrated Wi-Fi to connect easily to the world online
Smart TV—a world of online entertainment
Control how you share and record on the big screen
Keyboard remote control makes texting easy
MyRemote app—control your TV with your phone or tablet
Wi-Fi Miracast™—mirror your devices on your TV

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