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Thank you for purchasing the NoiseHush NS560
Clip-on Bluetooth Stereo Headset!
Designed and engineered for your maximum utility,
convenience and value, your NS560 is full of
ingenious features that allow you to enjoy wireless
entertainment like never before.
Please take a moment to read this manual
thoroughly and store for future reference. The user
manual explains the features and functions of your
NS560 to help ensure an optimal user experience.
To learn more about the NS560 Clip-on Bluetooth,
or other NoiseHush products, please visit
Package Contents:
• NS560
Titanium driver, noise-cancelling headphones
• USB charging cable
• User manual
Bluetooth version: v2.1+ EDR
Bluetooth profile: A2DP, AVRCP
Frequency range: 2.4GHz ~ 2.480GHz
Transmission distance: 10 meters
Charge time: ~2-3 hours
Maximum playing time: ~9 hours
Standby time: ~150 hours
Battery: Li-polymer 3.7V 120mAh
Weight: 12g
Charging your NS560:
To prolong the battery life, it is recommended to fully
charge your headset before first use. To charge, simply
connect the included charging cable into a USB power
outlet (such as USB chargers, computer USB port,
etc.) and plug the other end into the NS560.
The red LED indicator will light up to show that the unit
is being charged. When charging is complete, the light
will turn blue. If the NS560 is low on power and needs
to be recharged, the red light will blink.
Turning ON/OFF:
To turn ON the NS560 (when already paired to a
device), press and hold the Multifunction button (MFB)
for approximately 2 seconds. The blue light will light up
to indicate that the NS560 is turned on and you are
paired to a device.
To turn off the NS560, press and hold the MFB until
the NS560 is turned off, which will be indicated by the
red light that lights up for 2 seconds.
Pairing your NS560:
1. Make sure the NS560 is turned off.
2. Press and hold the Multifunction button until red
and blue lights blink alternatively.
3. From your device, enable Bluetooth discovery.
4. Allow your device a few moments to search.
5. Select the NS560 from the list of found nearby
Bluetooth devices.
6. Confirm the Bluetooth connection.
Note: Enter “0000” if prompted for a passkey. For
instructions on how to enable Bluetooth
discovery on your device, please consult your
device’s user manual.
Hands-free calling functions:
Answer a call: Press the MFB once during an
incoming call.
• Reject a call: Press and hold the MFB for 2-3
seconds during an incoming call.
• Hang up a call: Press the MFB once during a
connected call.
Activate voice command: Press and hold the MFB
for 2 seconds.
• Redial last number: Press the MFB twice.
• Increase or decrease volume: Press the + or –
buttons to set the volume.
Using the NS560 as a Bluetooth dongle:
Using a 3.5mm (male-to-male) cable, connect one
end into the NS560 audio output and the other end
into your home or vehicle entertainment system’s
auxiliary input. Make sure your Bluetooth enabled
device is paired with the NS560 and start enjoying
your tunes wirelessly.
Warning and Cautions:
Do not expose this unit to water, rain or moisture.
• Do not leave the unit exposed to extreme heat for
long periods of time.
• Do not disassemble or attempt to repair the unit.
• Do not forcefully bend the clip beyond its tolerance.
• Keep out of reach of children.
Warranty Information:
NoiseHush warrants this product against defects in
material and/or workmanship under normal use for a
period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of purchase
by the original purchaser.
To view our warranty policy or to submit a claim,
please visit




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Specyfikacje NoiseHush NS560

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Marka NoiseHush
Model NS560
Produkt Słuchawka
EAN 0012300529143, 0014445286554, 0633755119767, 8851299208286, 0633755119811
Język Angielski
Typ pliku Instrukcja obsługi (PDF)
Technologia baterii Litowo-polimerowy (LiPo)
Pojemność baterii 120 mAh
Akumulatorek Tak
Liczba baterii 1
Rodzaj magnesu Tytan
Budowa słuchawek Intrafonetyczny
Porty i interfejsy
Wersja Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
Profile Bluetooth A2DP,AVRCP
Zasięg bezprzewdowego router'a 10 m
Technologia łączności Przewodowy i Bezprzewodowy
Bluetooth Tak
Złącze 3,5 mm Tak
Dane opakowania
Rodzaj opakowania Blister
Przyciski operacyjne Play/pause,Track <,Track >,Volume +,Volume -
Obsługa funkcji Plug & Play Tak
Możliwość złożenia Tak
Typ produktu Zestaw słuchawkowy
Kolor produktu Zielony
Typ zestawu słuchawkowego Stereofoniczny
Styl noszenia Douszny
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