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Examples of pictograms
The symbol urges caution (including warnings).A concrete description of the caution is indicated on the diagram.The symbol indicates actions that should not be performed.A concrete description of the forbidden action is indicated on the diagram.The symbol indicates instructions that must be performed.A concrete description of the instruction is indicated on the diagram.
WT40SN 40" Panel Screen

WT40SN Assembly Instructions

We greatly appreciate your purchase of this NEC WT40SN flat panel screen.Read these instructions carefully to ensure proper assembly.
* The WT40SN is a panel screen exclusively for use with mirror projection type projectors.
It can be used in combination with the separately sold dedicated projector stand to form a stand with integrated screen.

M Be sure to read this section before using.

• About the pictograms
Pictograms are used in these assembly instructions and on the product to ensure proper, safe use of the product and prevent injury to you and others as well as damage to property. The pictograms and their meanings are described below. Be sure to understand them fully before reading the instructions.
5. Attach the caps to the frames.
Insert the caps over the upper tips of the frames. Fasten them with the 3 × 10 screws. The caps prevent the screen unit from coming off.This completes assembly of the panel screen.
4. Fasten the bottom edge of the
screen to the frames.
Slide the lower lock fittings and line them up with the screw holes in the frame bottom edge fitting. Fasten using two M6 × 10 screws.
3. Insert the screen unit’s upper lock
fitting into the frame and fasten
temporarily with the height adjust-
ment knobs.
Fasten the screen unit at the position of the stoppers in the frame.
2-2. When using the screen alone
Mount the plate and stands to the
Line up the frames with the screw holes in the plate, insert the M6 × 35 screws and fasten to the stands’ screw holes.
2-1. When mounting to a separately
sold dedicated stand
Attach the frames and plate to the dedi-
cated stand.
Before mounting, lock the dedicated stand’s cast-ers, lower the top panel and tighten the height adjustment knobs securely so that the stand is sta-
Line up the panel screen fixing holes in the dedicated stand with the holes in the frames. Place the plate on the frames and fasten it to the dedi-cated stand using the M6 × 35 screws. * The stands included with the panel screen are not used, so store them in a safe place.
1. Mount the two lateral bars to the
Slide the lower lock fittings to the approximate positions shown on the diagram and fasten them in place with the M5 × 50 screws.

M Assembling the Panel Screen

M Checking the Package Contents

Check that the following parts are included in the package.
• Heed the items below.
Failure to heed them could lead to the screen falling or
tipping over, resulting in injury or damage to the equip-
· Do not place on sloped surfaces or in unstable places.
· Do not hang from the screen, hook objects onto it or
push it.
· Do not climb onto the screen.
· Do not place any objects other than the designated
projector on the screen’s plate.
• Do not scratch the screen with metal objects, etc.
The screen’s surface is protected with an extremely hard
coating, but as a plastic material is used, rubbing hard
objects such as metal against it could scratch it.


• Do not make any modifications. Doing so could lead to
accidents due to the screen falling.
• Be sure to tighten the product’s screws securely. Failure
to do so could lead to the screen falling, resulting in injury
or damage to the equipment.
• Do not use the screen outdoors. Wind could cause the
screen to tip over or fall, resulting in injury or damage to
the equipment.


Failure to heed these indications and handling improperly could lead to physical injury or damage to surrounding property.


Failure to heed these indications and handling improperly could lead to physical accidents, including death or major injury.


• Do not place the screen in direct sunlight or other places
exposed to high temperatures, in humid or dusty places,
or in places where it will be exposed to water or oil.
• Do not touch the screen surface. Dirt on the screen will
reduce the picture quality. If the screen surface is dirty,
apply some neutral detergent dissolved in about 20 parts
of water to a soft cloth and wipe off the dirt gently.
Avoid using benzene or thinner, as they could mar the
• When transporting the screen, do so in the same pack
aged conditions as when it was purchased to avoid
scratches and damage.
• Keep magnetic recording media at least 10 cm away.
The screen is attached to the board by magnet. Placing
magnetic tickets, credit cards, floppy discs, video tapes,
cassette tapes or other magnetic recording media within
10 cm from the screen could lead to loss of or damage to
the recorded data.
• Do not apply adhesive tape or the like to the screen’
s surface. If cellophane or other adhesive tape is acci-
dentally stuck on the screen surface, peel it off carefully,
being sure that none of the adhesive remains. If there is
any adhesive on the screen surface, wipe it off carefully
using a neutral detergent.
Caps: 2Frames: 2Lateral bars: 2Plate: 1Stands: 2Wires: 2Screen unit: 13 × 10 screws: 2M4 × 8 screws (with washers): 4M5 × 50 screws: 4M6 × 35 screws: 4M6 × 10 screws: 4Height adjustment knobs: 2
M5 × 50 screw
Lateral bar
Lower lock fitting
M6 × 35 screw
[Dedicated stand]
Panel screen fixing
M6 × 35 screw
Screen unit
lock fitting
Height adjustment
Lower lock fitting
Frame bottom
edge fitting
M6 × 10 screws
3 × 10 screw

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