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The Ikelite Smart Charger #4066.1 is a variable input voltage charger that automatically adjusts to
the voltage of the power source (100V to 240V). This feature allows it to easily adapt to currents
that fluctuate in places with poorly regulated power. The charger offers “trickle-style” maintenance;
this allows it to continuously charge the battery pack of the Subsrobe or flashlight safely. The
charger also prolongs battery life, eliminates any possibility of battery memory, and accepts
interchangeable plugs for worldwide use.
The Ikelite Smart Charger #4066.1 is only compatible with the NiCad and NiMH battery packs
offered by Ikelite for the following products:
• Substrobe DS125, DS160, DS161 recharge time: 1.5 hours
• Substrobe DS200 recharge time: 2.5 hours
• Substrobe 100A, Ai recharge time: 4 hours
• Substrobe 150, 225 recharge time: 5 hours (May require Socket Adapter #4063.51)
• Substrobe 300, 400 recharge time: 5 hours (May require Socket Adapter #4063.51)
• Super C-Lite HR recharge time: 2.5 hours
• RCD HR recharge time: 4 hours
• RCD Super-8R recharge time: 5 hours
• Modular Super-Lite recharge time: 5 hours (Newer battery packs only)
• Modular Video-Lite recharge time: 5 hours (Newer battery packs only)
SSoocckkeett AAddaapptteerr ##44006633..5511::
Substrobe models 150, 225, 300, and 400 with the older style battery
pack require purchase of the Socket Adapter #4063.51. This allows the Smart Charger to connect to
the charger socket on the bottom of the older battery packs. Newer battery packs for these strobes
do not need this adapter, as the proper charger socket is located on top of the battery pack.
UUSSIINNGG TTHHEE CCHHAARRGGEERR PPLLUUGGSS________________________________________________________________________________________________
The Ikelite Smart Charger #4066.1 comes packaged with four interchangeable AC adapter plugs
for the following electrical regions: USA, European, United Kingdom, and Australian. Choose the
appropriate AC adapter plug for your location and slide the chosen adapter into the back of the
charger; it should snap into position.
To change the plug, press up on the adapter plug to unsnap it from the back of the charger. Slide
another AC adapter plug into position.
Charger cords (#0171.61, #0171.62, #0171.63) for the original Smart Charger #4063.1 are
not compatible with the Smart Charger #4066.1.
CCHHAARRGGIINNGG TTHHEE BBAATTTTEERRYY PPAACCKK____________________________________________________________________________________________
WWaarrnniinngg:: DDoo nnoott
attempt to charge a battery pack when it is wet. Electrical shock, injury, or fire
could occur. Make sure all components are completely dry.
Always turn the unit off before recharging. Charge the battery pack after purchase and recharge
after each use. Store the battery pack fully charged. Remove it from storage every few months and
fully recharge it. Refer to the product recharge times listed on the opposite page and read “Indicator
Lights” for more details on charging times.
• Do not completely drain (fully discharge) the battery pack. Fully discharging the batteries will
shorten the battery pack’s life.
• The battery pack is factory sealed. Do not disassemble. Disassembly will void your Ikelite
product’s limited warranty.
IINNDDIICCAATTOORR LLIIGGHHTTSS__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
IInnddiiccaattoorr LLiigghhtt oonn BBaatttteerryy PPaacckk
The Substrobe 100A, 200, RCD HR, and Super-8R feature an indicator light on the battery pack
which will light up to show that a charge is being accepted; the light does not go out once the
batteries are fully charged.
For all other Ikelite products, either there is no indicator light on the battery pack or the
indicator light on the battery pack will not light up when using the Smart Charger.
IInnddiiccaattoorr LLiigghhtt oonn SSmmaarrtt CChhaarrggeerr
The indicator light on the Smart Charger is located on the front of the charger near the bottom.
It illuminates once the charger is connected to both the electrical outlet and the battery pack. It
shows the battery pack’s present state of charge. There are three states of charge.
RRaappiiddllyy bblliinnkkiinngg lliigghhtt
Indicates that the battery pack was almost completely drained (discharged) and that the pack
is being slow-charged to restore the batteries. Once the batteries reach an acceptable level, the
charger will automatically switch to the quick-charge mode.
CCoonnttiinnuuoouuss lliigghhtt
Indicates that the battery pack is being quick-charged.
SSlloowwllyy bblliinnkkiinngg lliigghhtt
Indicates that the battery pack is fully recharged and that the charger is now providing a
“trickle-style” maintenance charge. This allows the pack to remain safely plugged into the outlet
via the charger for extended periods of time.
IIKKEELLIITTEE LLIIMMIITTEEDD WWAARRRRAANNTTYY________________________________________________________________________________________________
All Ikelite products are warranted against any manufacturing defects for a period of one year
from the original date of purchase. Defective products should be returned prepaid to Ikelite. Ikelite
will, at its discretion, repair or replace such products, and will return to customer prepaid. All other
claims, of any nature, including, but not limited to, bulb failure, are not covered. Except as men-
tioned above, no other warranty, expressed or implied, applies to this Ikelite product.

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Marka Ikelite
Model 4066.1
Produkt Ładowarka akumulatorów
EAN 883711036076, 0883711036076
Język Angielski
Typ pliku Instrukcja obsługi (PDF)
Pozostałe funkcje
Skład chemiczny Ni-Cd / NiMH
Wymiary produktu (SxGxW) 69 x 104 x 38 mm
Kolor produktu Czarny
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