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Hydro Crunch
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Failure to observe the following safety warnings may result in serious injury or death. Use all
Hydro Crunch™ products only as directed. Failure to observe these safety warnings will result in a
waiver of any and all liability on the part of Hydro Crunch™ its manufacturer, and resellers, and will
void all warranties to the extent permitted by law.
Warning: LED Hydro Grow Lights are for indoor use only. Do not expose to water drip or spray.
Do not expose the lights to physical harm such as impact or severe environmental conditions.
Working temperature is -20°C to 40°C.
Warning: When installing LED Hydro Grow Lights, ensure that the power outlets are properly
grounded and have adequate capacity. If there is any doubt, please consult an electrician. Please
ensure that there is adequate clearance for airflow around the lights. A minimum of 12 inches of
clearance are recommended above the light and 2 inches at the sides.
Warning: LED grow lights can cause eye damage. Avoid looking directly at the lights when they
are on. Use shielding and light blocking glasses to protect your eyes.
Warning: Never place the lamp “face down” on a surface, as it may damage the lenses.
Recommendation: It is highly recommended that surge suppressors are installed to protect your
grow light investment. Power surges are one of the leading causes of premature grow light failure.
Hydro Crunch LED Hydro Grow Light Series is a high performance hydroponic grow light
capable of outperforming HID technology by nearly 50%. The LED Hydro Grow Light Series
sets a new level for hydroponic lighting. Previous LED technology has been unable to
seriously compete with HID lighting solutions and has been used as a supplementary
solution to increase yield. Our new Grow Series lights are powerful enough to be used as the
primary source of light in all hydroponic lighting applications. Thank you for purchasing our
Hydro Crunch LED Hydro Grow light. We are sure you will be happy with the results you

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