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Euroflex Monster SC50
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SC 50

Steam Cleaner


Euroex relieves itself of any liability for damages that shall be the result of improper use of the appliance,
not in conformity with what’s written in this instruction manual.61A0001.0 11/09
Before operating the unit for the rst time, read these instructions carefully and keep them for
future reference
This appliance complies with European Directives 2004/108/CEE regarding “electromagnetic com-
patibility” and 2006/95/CEE regarding “Electrical product safety”. The appliance carries CE mark-
The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design and features of the appliance
without notice.
This appliance is solely for household use.
• Do not open the safety cap while the appliance is in use.
Do not switch on the appliance if the steam hose shows signs of damage (cracks/cuts), the power
cable is damaged or if the appliance has been potentially subject to non-identiable damage
(e.g. the appliance has been dropped, etc.)
Do not connect the appliance before having made sure that electrical voltage supply corresponds
to the required voltage shown on the machine plate.
The electric socket should be earthed and equipped with a 10A automatic circuit breaker.
Any extension cables should be checked to ensure they are rated 10A and suitable for the appli-
ance. Cables should be completely unwound prior to use.
The appliance should not be used if there are visible signs of damage or leakage.
The manufacturer declines any responsibility for damage to persons or equipment, in the event that
the equipment is damaged as a result of improper use, unauthorised repair or maintenance work.
Repairs should be carried out solely by personnel authorised by the manufacturer. Equipment repaired
by personnel who are not authorised to do so, represent a risk and, as such, are not covered by the
The power cable should only be replaced by technical support personnel authorised by the manu-
Do not position the appliance externally.
Do not expose the appliance to external atmospheric agents, damp or heat.
Use a dry or slightly damp cloth to clean the appliance.
Use solely manufacturer-recommended accessories or spare parts.
The steam released from the appliance is extremely hot. Both appliance and accessory tools may scald.
Avoid direct contact. The steam symbol (symbol 5597 relative to IEC 60417-1) warns operators that
there is the risk of scalding!


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