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Draper Silhouette/Series M
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instrukcjaDraper Silhouette/Series M
Your Draper screen can be mounted on a wall or suspended from the ceil ing,
or mounted on special 6" extension bracket. Extension brackets must be
ordered separately from Draper. With each method of installation, the case
must be mounted level and with the fl at back parallel to the wall.
To reduce the risk of personal injury, use only the hardware which comes
with the screen or is specifi ed in these instructions.
The screen (or extension brackets) should be mounted into studs or block ing
in the wall/ceiling, or in drywall (minimum thickness
") with specifi ed anchors.
For any other type of installation, follow all local build ing and safety codes.
Steel studs, concrete or cinder block walls and all other types of non-wood
frame construction require the use of special screws or anchors. The se-
lec tion of ap pro pri ate mounting hardware should be made by a qualifi ed
pro fes sion al installer.
When locating viewing surface and checking clearance for screen’s op er a tion,
remember surface is centered in case. Handle case carefully to avoid scratch-
ing. Regardless of mounting method, screen should be positively and securely
supported so that vibration or even abusive pulling on the viewing surface
will not cause case to work loose or fall. Installer must insure that fasteners
used are of adequate strength and suitable for the mounting surface.
Wall Mounting
Mount 2, 3, or 4 aluminum brackets provided (“Z” Clips) on the wall at
desired height, using appropriate fasteners. Verify that they are in line and
level to fully engage with the mounting lip on back of screen case. 1
" of
free space is required above the “Z” Clips to allow case lip to be engaged
over the lip of the “Z” Clips.
Engage the lip on back of screen case with lip of “Z” Clip and gently pull
down to fully engage case to brackets.
Ceiling/Suspended Mounting
Locate two offset ceiling brackets (supplied) and slide these into the chan-
nel on top of screen case by aligning the chamfered edges of each bracket
parallel to the channel length. Allow bracket to drop against bottom of
channel and then rotate bracket counter-clockwise. Slide one bracket to
each end of screen case until it stops against end cap of case. Tighten two
set screws to lock bracket in place. Make sure that the fl ange of the ceiling
bracket that has four holes is extended beyond the end caps of the case.
Repeat above procedure for second ceiling bracket, making sure to slide it
towards opposite end of case.
To mount against ceiling, hold screen case against ceiling and mark
mounting hole locations. Each brack et has 2 holes towards the front edge
and 2 holes towards the back edge. Installer must use at least 2 fasteners
per bracket with one fastener in one of the two holes clos est to back edge
of bracket, and one fas ten er in one of the two holes closest to front edge of
bracket. Installer must insure that fasteners are of adequate strength and
suitable for the mounting surface chosen.
To mount suspended from ceiling, the brackets need to be installed on
screen case as noted above. Attach “S” Hooks (supplied) through the holes
in the brackets. Select the set of holes that allows the screen to hang in a
vertical position. The installer is to provide the materials and fasteners to
attach the “S” Hooks to the ceiling. Installer must insure that the fasteners
and suspension material are of adequate strength and suitable for the
mounting surface chosen.
Ceiling bracket in
channel of case
Ceiling bracket
Mounting fasteners
(supplied by others, 2 per bracket)
(front of Silhouette case)
(right end of Silhouette case)

Installation/Operating Instructions

Silhouette/Series M and C

Manually Operated Projection Screens by Draper

Lip on back
of case
"Z" Clip
(wall mounting bracket
supplied with Silhouette)
Silhouette fully engaged
on "Z" Clip
Copyright © 2012 Draper Inc. Form SilhouetteM&C_Inst12 Printed in U.S.A.
Read instructions through completely before proceeding; keep
them for future reference. Follow instructions carefully. Installation
con trary to instructions invalidates warranty. Care in both mount-
ing and correct operation willl assure long and sat is fac to ry service
from your Draper screen.
Screen should be accessible for complete removal should fabric
become damaged or for service if required.
Screen should be installed level (using a carpenter’s level).
Nothing should be fastened to screen dowel or viewing surface.
Operating crank for Series C is packed separately in screen car-
ton. Do not discard with packing material.
Note: Screen has been thoroughly inspected and tested at fac-
tory and found to be operating properly prior to shipment.
If you encounter any diffi culties installing or servicing your
screen, call your dealer or Draper, Inc., Spiceland, Indiana, (765)
987-7999, or fax (765) 987-7142.


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Specyfikacje Draper Silhouette/Series M

Poniżej znajdziesz specyfikacje produktów i instrukcje modelu Draper Silhouette/Series M.

Marka Draper
Model Silhouette/Series M
Produkt Ekran do rzutników
EAN 641092175254, 0641092170815, 6410921708154
Język Angielski
Typ pliku PDF
Natywne proporcje obrazu 16:9
Widoczna szerokość ekranu (szer.) 1549 mm
Widoczna wysokość ekranu (wys.) 2311 mm
Całkowity rozmiar ekranu (szerokość x wysokość) 124 x 220 cm
Przekątne 100 "
Format nośnika (podajnik 1) HDTV
Kąt widzenia 60 °
Typ napędu Ręczny
Waga i rozmiary
Model L1 2413 mm
Waga produktu 18597 g
Typ mocowania Ściana
Kolor obudowy Biały
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