Instrukcja obsługi Caliber RMD231BT

Caliber RMD231BT

Po prawej znajdziesz swoją instrukcja obsługi Caliber RMD231BT. Ta usługa jest całkowicie bezpłatna. Jeśli masz jakiekolwiek pytania dotyczące swojej Caliber RMD231BT prosimy powiadom nas na dole tej strony.

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Typ pliku
Description of the functions
Panel Release Push this button to release the frontpanel.
Power Power function to activate or deactivate the unit.
Band Band selection allows you to select different reception bands, f.i. FM1, FM2 and FM3
AF AF stands for Alternative frequencies; the tuner will return to alternative frequencies whenever the reception signal is getting worse.
TA TA stands for Trafc announcement which means that it will give you information about the trafc (if broadcasted) no matter what mode you are in (SD,USB, etc.) it will automatically interrupt the sd/
USB and give the information, after that it automatically switches back to the selected mode
Manual up/down Long press to move the radio frequency number up/down step by step.
Menu (system) Press the VOL/SEL button for several seconds to activate the cyclical mode to choose from the following user instructions: DSP ON/OFF > ESP 12/45
(CD mode) > BEEP ON/OFF > AREA > VOL LAST/ADJ > SEEK. (Press to enter fuctions)
In DSP mode you can choose from preset EQ settings: FLAT, CLASSIC, POP, ROCK
Audio Menu The Audio menu button gives you the possibility to adjust your sound system with the following options Bass, Treble, Balance and Fader. These options can be used to ne tune your sound.
Mode The mode button allows you to go from one source to another source (f.i. Tuner) by pushing the button as many times as needed.
AMS AMS stands for Automatic store; in tuner mode it will automatically store the 6 strongest stations (M1-M6). Note: all previous stored stations are lost.
Rotary volume This knob allows you to adjust the volume from minimum to maximum level. NOTE high sound levels may cause damage to your ears.
M1-M6 These are the preset stations where you can store your favorite radio stations if in tuner mode.
Pause/Play This button allows you in USB or SD mode to play or to pause the music.
Scan Scan will play 10 seconds of each song on the USB or SD. If the preferred song is playing, push again and it will play that song.
Repeat Repeat will play a selected song or album continuously. Available in USB and SD mode.
Shufe Shufe will play all the songs random. Available in USB and SD mode.
File down/up In MP3 mode press this button to go up or down one folder.
Track down/up In MP3 mode press this button to go up or down one track
fast forward/backward Long press to fast forward to the USB or SD.
3,5mm AV jack in To connect an external audio system.
USB poort When inserting a USB stick the unit will switch to USB mode.
SD card input (behind panel) Remove the frontpanel to insert SD card. When inserting a SD card the unit will switch to SD mode. (Max 16GB card)
Reset (behind panel) Use a non-metallic pointed object to press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds. The unit will be set to factory default.
Bluetooth Open Bluetooth menu by pressing and holding “MENU” button
Pairing Activate BlueTooth on your mobile phone, and search for available devices. Select “CAR AUDIO”, password “8888”. If succesfull “Connected” is displayed, if not “Pairing Fail!” will be displayed for 3
seconds. The unit will go back to the previous mode.
Reconnect The unit will normally auto-reconnect.
Reject incomming call Press (MU) button if you not wish to answer the call, and return to normal playing mode.
Transfer To audio transfer from headunit back to the mobile phone. Long press the Transfer (BND) button to transfer the audio back to your mobile.
Key System Tuner MP3/WMA BT Audio Bluetooth
Short press long press Short press long press Short press long press Short press long press Short press long press
1 Power Power off
2 Rotary Volume
3 Menu (audio / system) OK
4 Panel release
5 LCD display
6 USB port
7 Mode Mode Mode
8 Display
9 Mute Reject incoming
call/end call
10 AMS
11 Band Answer incom-
ming call
Transfer conver-
sation to mobile
12 Seek down Manual down Track down fast backward Track down
13 Seek up Manual up Track up fast forward Track up
14 Scan
15 3,5mm AUX In Jack
16 M1 Store M1 Play/Pause Play/Pause
17 M2 Store M2 Intro
18 M3 Store M3 Repeat
19 M4 Store M4 Shufe
20 M5 Store M5 File down
21 M6 Store M6 File up
22 PTY
23 TA
24 AF
9 16 17 18 19 20 21810
7 5
15 2411 3

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Odtwarzacz mp3   yes
Odtwarzacz CD-R   no
Odtwarzacz CD-RW   no
Odtwarzacz DVD audio no
Bezpośrednie odtwarzanie z USB   yes
Ilość stacji   18
Zakresy tunera   FM
Pasmo FM   87.5 - 108 Mhz
Ustawienia korektora   yes
Liczba wyrównywaczy pasm 4
Kolor produktu   Czarny
Typy kart pamięci   SD, SDHC
Gotowy na iPod   -
Usuwalny panel przedni yes
Zintegrowany czytnik kart   yes
Wbudowany wyświetlacz   yes
Typ wyświetlacza   LCD
Wejście AUX yes
Wyjścia linii RCA 1
Bluetooth   yes
Połączenie ISO yes
Profile Bluetooth A2DP, AVRCP
Funkcje Bluetooth Zestaw głośnomówiący wywołujący
Waga i rozmiary
Wymiary produktu (SxGxW)   182 x 125 x 50 mm
Zawartość opakowania
Skrócona instrukcja obsługi   yes