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instrukcjaBrother PT-H105
Follow these guidelines to avoid the risk of fire, burns, injury, electric shocks, rupture, overheating, abnormal odours or smoke.
Always use the specified voltage and the recommended AC adapter for the P-touch
to prevent any damage or failure.
Do not use P-touch during a lightning storm when connect to an AC Adapter.
Do not use the P-touch/AC adapter in places of high humidity (such as bathrooms).
Do not overload the power cord.
Do not place heavy objects on, or damage the power cord or plug. Do not forcibly
bend or pull the power cord. Always hold the AC adapter carefully when
disconnecting from the power outlet.
Make sure that the plug is fully inserted in the power outlet. Do not use an outlet that
is loose.
Do not allow the P-touch/AC adapter/power plug/batteries to get wet, for example,
by handling them with wet hands or spilling beverages onto them.
Since loss of eyesight may result when leaked fluid from batteries gets into your
eyes, immediately rinse your eyes with a large amount of clean water, and then
seek medical attention.
Do not disassemble or modify the P-touch/AC adapter/batteries.
Do not allow a metal object to contact both the plus and minus ends of a battery.
Do not use sharp objects, such as tweezers or a metallic pen, to change the
Do not throw the batteries into fire or expose to heat.
Disconnect the AC adapter, remove batteries immediately and stop using the P-
touch if you notice abnormal odour, heat, discolouration, deformation or anything
unusual while using or storing it.
Do not use a damaged or leaking battery as the fluid may get on your hands.
Do not use a deformed or leaking battery or one with a damaged label. There is a
possibility of generating heat.
Follow these guidelines to avoid personal injury, liquid leakage, burns or heat.
When the P-touch is not being used, store it out of the reach of children. In addition,
do not allow children to put P-touch parts or labels in their mouths. If any object has
been swallowed, seek medical attention.
Do not touch metal parts near the print head immediately after printing.
Do not touch the cutter blade.
If leaked fluid from batteries gets onto your skin or clothes, immediately rinse them
with clean water.
Remove the batteries and disconnect the AC adapter if you do not intend to use
the P-touch.
Do not use a battery other than that specified. Do not use combinations of old and
new batteries or combinations of different types, different charging levels, different
manufacturers or different models. Do not insert a battery with its plus and minus
ends reversed.
Do not drop or hit the P-touch/AC adapter.
Do not press on the LCD display.
Do not put your finger inside the P-touch when you close the cassette cover.
Before using Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, carefully read the instructions for the
batteries and battery charger, and be sure to use them correctly.
When using Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, charge the batteries with a specialized
battery charger before using the batteries.
Depending on the location, material, and environmental conditions, the label may
unpeel or become irremovable, the colour of the label may change or be
transferred to other objects. Before applying the label, check the environmental
conditions and the material.
Do not use the P-touch in any way or for any purpose not described in this guide.
Doing so may result in accidents or damage to the P-touch.
Use only Brother TZe tapes with the P-touch. Do not use tapes that do not have
the mark.
Only use a soft, dry cloth to clean the P-touch; never use alcohol or other organic
Use a soft wipe to clean the print head; never touch the print head directly.
Do not put any foreign objects into any part of the P-touch.
Do not place the P-touch, batteries or AC adaptor in direct sunlight or rain, near
heaters or other appliances, or in any location exposed to extremely high or low
temperatures (e.g. on the dashboard or in the back of your car). Avoid high
humidity or dusty locations.
Do not apply excessive pressure to the cutter lever.
Do not try to print if the cassette is empty; it will damage the print head.
Do not pull the tape while printing or feeding; it will damage the tape and P-touch.
Any data stored in memory will be lost due to failure or repair of the P-touch, or if
the battery expires.
The P-touch is not equipped with a charging feature for rechargeable batteries.
The length of the printed label may differ from the displayed label length.
A protective clear plastic sticker is placed over the display during manufacturing
and shipping. This sticker should be removed prior to use.
When power is disconnected for more than three minutes, all text, format settings
and any text files stored in the memory will be cleared.

Safety Precautions

Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injuries.


Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate injuries.

General Precautions


Declaration of Conformity(Europe/Turkey only)We, BROTHER INDUSTRIES, LTD15-1, Naeshiro-cho, Mizuho-ku,Nagoya, 467-8561, Japandeclare that this product is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directives 2004/108/EC and 2009/125/EC.The Adapter AD-24ES is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 2006/95/EC.The Declaration of Conformity (DoC) is on our Web site. Please go to -> choose region (eg. Europe) -> choose country -> choose your model -> choose “Manuals”-> choose Declaration of Conformity (*Select Language when required).

Power Supply and Tape Cassette

Open the cassette cover by pressing the
above indicated area at the top end of the
If a tape cassette is already installed, remove it by pulling it straight up. Also, if batteries are already installed, remove them.• Make sure that the power is turned off when replacing batteries or tape cassettes.
Insert six new AAA alkaline batteries
(LR03) or fully charged Ni-MH batteries
(HR03), making sure that their poles
point in the correct directions.
Users of alkaline batteries:
Always replace all six batteries at the
same time with brand new ones.
Users of Ni-MH batteries:
Always replace all six batteries at the
same time with fully charged ones.
Visit us at for the latest information about the recommended batteries.
Insert a tape cassette, making sure that
it snaps into place.
• Make sure that the end of the tape feeds under the tape guides.• Use only Brother TZe tapes with P-touch.
Securely close the cassette cover, making
sure that it snaps into place.
When using optional AC adapter1. Connect the AC adapter into the AC adapter socket on the bottom of the P-touch.2. Insert the plug into the nearest standard electrical outlet. For memory back up, we recommend using AAA alkaline batteries (LR03) or Ni-MH batteries (HR03) together with the AC adapter.
Tape cutter leverCassettecover
Print head
Toothed wheelCutter’s
End of tapeTape exit slotTape guide
AC adapter socket
• The LCD shows one row of 12 characters; however, the text that you enter can be up to 80 characters in length.• While selecting the settings, press the Space key to go back to the default item.

LCD Display & Keyboard

14 23
1. Size2. Cursor3. Caps4. Underline/Frame5. Width6. Style7. Label Length
If a specific label length has been
selected, also appears.
8. Guidance (left, right)9. Power key10. Cursor key : Right 11. Cursor key : Left 12. Backspace key13. Size key14. Style key15. Character keys16. Caps key17. Symbol key18. Menu key19. Clear key20. Print key21. Enter key22. Auto Designs key23. Frame key24. Accent key25. Space key• The print preview is a generated image of the label, and may differ from the actual label when printed.• Label length shown on LCD may slightly differ from the actual label length when printed.

1 Start your P-touch.

Supply power by using six AAA batteries or the optional AC adapter, and then press .

2 Set the language.

3 Set the unit of measurement.

The default setting is [mm].
• The P-touch automatically turns off if no keys are pressed within five minutes.• To cancel any operation, press .

Initial Settings

/ [Language] / [English/Español/Français/Hrvatski/Italiano/Magyar/Nederlands/Norsk/Polski/Português/Portug. (BR)/Română/Slovenski/Slovenský/Suomi/Svenska/Türkçe/Čeština/Dansk/Deutsch] . / [Unit] / [inch/mm] .


X Error message X What to do when...
Message Cause/RemedyLow Battery!
The batteries are weak.
If using AAA alkaline batteries: Replace them with new
If using Ni-MH batteries: Charge them fully.
Battery Dead
The installed batteries have expired.
An invalid number was entered as the label length.
(This is not displayed in Auto Designs).
No Text!
You tried to print a text file when there is no data
stored in the memory.
is pressed when no text is entered.
You tried to select Text Preview or Cable Label when
no text is entered.
was pressed when no text was entered while
using the DECO MODE or Auto Designs.
Line Limit!
You tried to enter a 3rd line by pressing .
You tried to print or preview two lines of text while
3.5mm or 6 mm tape is installed. Install tape of a
larger size.
No Cassette!
You tried to print a label when there is no cassette
Cutter Error
The tape cutter lever was used during the printing
Text Full!
The maximum number of characters (80 characters for
regular text, 50 characters for Auto Designs and DECO
MODE) have already been entered.
Text Limit!
With the DECO MODE function:
Since the number of entered characters exceeds the
label length, reduce the text.
All other functions:
Since the number of entered characters exceeds the
label length, reduce the text or select [Auto] as the label
No Frame OK?
Printing on 3.5mm tape with invalid Frame setting ON.
(Select to print with no Frame, to
OK to Feed?
Feeding tape after printing when [Chain Print] is
selected. Refer to “Setting Margin”.
Insert 12mm
Only 12mm tapes are available for use with DECO
MODE function.
Wrong Tape!
Use a tape cassette with the mark.
Message Cause/RemedyProblem SolutionThe display stays blank after you have turned on the P-touch.
Check that the batteries are correctly
If the batteries are weak, replace them.
When the label is printed out, the margin(space) is too large on both sides of the text.
See “Setting Margin” in this users guide
and select [Half] or [Narrow] to have
smaller margins for your label.
The P-touch does not print, or the printed characters are not formed properly.
Check that the tape cassette has been
inserted correctly.
If the tape cassette is empty, replace it.
Check the cassette cover is properly
The setting has cleared on its own.
If the batteries are weak, replace them.
When power is disconnected for more
than three minutes, all text & formats in
the display will be lost. Language and Unit
settings will also be cleared.
A blank horizontal line appears through the printed label.
There may be some dust on the print
head. Remove the tape cassette and use
a dry cotton swab to gently wipe the print
head with an up-and-down motion.
The print head can be cleaned more
easily if the optional print head cleaning
cassette (TZe-CL3) is used.
The P-touch has “locked up” (i.e., nothing happens when a key is pressed, even though the P-touch is on).
Refer to “Resetting the P-touch”.
The power turns off when you try to print.
The batteries may be weak. Replace
Check that the batteries are correctly
If the batteries are weak, replace them.
The tape does not feed properly or the tape gets stuck inside the P-touch.
Check that the end of the tape feeds
under the tape guides.
The cutter lever is used while printing. Do
not touch the cutter lever during printing.
All text and format settings need to be cleared to create a new label.
Press and select [Text&Format].
The LCD is set to an incorrect language.
Refer to “Initial Settings”.
Contact InformationSee the Web: (Australia only)Problem SolutionWith your P-touch H105, you can create labels for multiple applications. Select from the many frames, character sizes and styles to design beautiful custom labels. In addition, the variety of tape cassette available allows you to print labels with different widths and exciting colours.Read this manual carefully before you begin and keep the manual in a handy place for future reference.Printed in PhilippinesLAJ574001
User’s Guide
Visit us at for the latest information about the recommended batteries.


Dimensions:(W x D x H)Approx. 110(W) × 208(D) × 59(H)mmWeight: Approx. 390 g(without batteries and tape cassette)Power supply: Six AAA alkaline batteries (LR03)Six AAA Ni-MH batteries (HR03)*
Optional AC adapter (AD-24ES/AD-5000ES:For Australia, New Zealand only)Tape cassette: Brother TZe tape (width)3.5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm


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Specyfikacje Brother PT-H105

Poniżej znajdziesz specyfikacje produktów i instrukcje modelu Brother PT-H105.

Marka Brother
Model PT-H105 | PT-H105
Produkt Drukarka etykiet
EAN 1102014022418, 4977766710084, 4977766715003, 4977766715027, 4977766715089, 4977766715102, 4977766726146, 5023821204957, 5053676826974, 5711045931185, 6092014022417, 9082014022422, 9102014024247, 4977766715065, 4977766715126, 4977766715041, 4977766730938
Język Angielski
Typ pliku Instrukcja obsługi (PDF)
Prędkość drukowania
Maksymalna rozdzielczość 180 x 180 DPI
Drukowanie w pionie Tak
Maksymalna wysokość druku 9 mm
Technologia druku Termotransferowy
Prędkość druku 20 mm/s
Porty i interfejsy
Przewodowa sieć LAN Nie
Wi-Fi Nie
Waga i rozmiary
Szerokość produktu 110 mm
Głębokość produktu 59 mm
Wysokość produktu 207 mm
Waga produktu 390 g
Liczba baterii 6
Technologia baterii Alkaliczny
Zawartość opakowania
Baterie w zestawie Nie
Typ ekranu LCD
Kolor produktu Grey,White
Układ klawiatury ABC
Typ taśmy TZe
Liczba styli 9
Podkreślenie Tak
Liczba czcionek 1
Odcinanie taśmy Ręczny
Liczba lini druku (maksymalna) 2
Ilość rodzajów pudełek 7
Obsługa papieru
Maksymalna szerokość etykiety 12 mm
Maksymalna długość etykiety 0.3 m
Pozostałe funkcje
Klawisze nawigacyjne Tak
Szczegóły Techniczne
Kod zharmonizowanego systemu (HS) 84433210
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